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Audit Management System


The FFC offers a proven, secure web-based tool to track workplace conditions in an efficient and cost-effective way. The FFC is a configurable software application that helps companies and nonprofit organizations improve workplace conditions.

Our Audit Management System allows you to:

  • Manage factory/farm/workplace data, including contacts

  • Deploy detailed factory profiles

  • Create customized audit questionnaires

  • Request, schedule, deploy and record assessments

  • Record audit results offline

  • Manage product information and map supply chain with workplace performance

  • Store audit/assessment documents

  • Create and communicate factory/farm/workplace evaluation designation

  • Analyze workplace/supply chain information

  • Provide access to collaborating members/companies to coordinate in assessment and remedial activities

  • Certain membership levels have unlimited logins

  • Reporting available on almost every data element in the platform

  • Internal auditors of a Full Member can use the FFC Tablet Application for Android and iOS to insert audit data in the FFC Application